Tuesday, May 29, 2007

10 Reasons to Watch “The 4400”

“The 4400” is a summer show with a cult following about 4,400 people who mysteriously vanish over a period of sixty years only to inexplicably return in a ball of light without aging a day and with special abilities in order to save mankind from a mysterious catastrophe. It’s like “X-Men” meets “Heroes” with a twist of “Law & Order” (without the ever-changing A.D.As). It’s fourth season starts on June 17th on USA Sundays 9/8c.

Here are ten reasons to tune in this summer:

1. It’s not on NBC, so it doesn’t suck!
2. The writing and storylines are so refreshingly original that it’s worth waiting a year between seasons.
3. The actors are ridiculously talented.
4. An actor on the show is named Mahershalalhashabaz Ali. Say that three times fast, if you can say it at all! (He plays 1950s pilot, Richard Tyler).
5. Patrick Flueger! He’s only 23, but he’s a painfully gifted actor, who can make “healing” people look so real. You feel everything his character, Sean Ferrell, feels times two. Flueger is gorgeous, too. He reminds me of a young Brad Pitt. And he’s smart enough not to attempt accents!
6. It’s content on government conspiracies and discrimination against the 4400 parallels on the current state of the nation…but the government usually loses. ZING!
7. It’s a new shiny hybrid—Sci-fi, drama, romance, suspense, psychological thriller.
8. No David Hasselhoff insight!
9. The season is only 12 episodes, thus keeping the audience intensely entertained. There is no dwelling!
10. Conchita Campbell plays a creepy child precog, who pulls off that eerie “Children of the Corn” vibe. shudders
11. A bonus: Mahershalalhashabaz Ali is so handsome and muscley. I call him “Hershey.”

Don't forget June 17th on USA Sundays 9/8c. Watch it!

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