Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Un-"Lucky" Me...Early Movie Review....

Whenever anyone goes to a movie, it’s a gamble. These days, you’re spending upwards of a sizeable chunk of change to be trapped in a dark theater with strangers and people on a 16-foot screen, trying to keep you in your seat. Sometimes you don’t want to leave, sometimes you don’t want to stay.

I categorize movies based on the trailers: can’t miss in the theater, see it…eventually, and wait for DVD. “Lucky You” starring PEOPLE’S Most Beautiful (aka 'almost everyone in Hollywood list!) Drew Barrymore and Eric Bana was definitely a “wait for DVD.” The trailer made it look like a predictable romantic comedy, and while I love Drew Barrymore, her movie choices are iffy.

I, however, managed to get passes from to a free advanced screening of the movie today. (Note to reader: I LOVE going to the movies…it actually makes me want to write.) Lucky Me, right? Not so much.

I don’t know what the hell that movie was supposed to be. There was no humor, barely any drama, and the only thing the audience could invest in was the amounts of money the players were betting and losing. It read as an extensive Texas Hold ‘Em Tutorial with Professor Robert Duvall.

Barrymore played her usual uber-bubbly, nauseatingly good girl to clash against Bana’s compulsive gambling and near expressionless face. Their supposed relationship was lacking everything: chemistry, flirtation, reason. Their push-pull made no sense, and was buried in the litany of poker terminology, the tedious details, and the unforgiving relationship between Bana’s character and his father, a cold player who left his mother for the game. I spent the entire two hours waiting for something to happen. I was thrilled to see muscle-bound loan sharks coming to kick some lines of pain into Bana’s face. Sadly, the most exciting character in this movie was Chico Banh, the Spanish-speaking Vietnamese gambler.

Lucky You: Not worth the gamble.

(Although I'd rather watch this than pay $125 to watch B-Fed mime her way through eight year old songs for 15 minutes...the drama's not even as great as Heather Mills on "Dancing with the Stars"...will the leg fly off...will the wig fall off, will it stay on? Sadly, it stayed on for all parties involved.)

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