Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack...

*glides elegantly into The Closet*

Pardon my brief absence. I know all…erm, six of you, missed me terribly. K had to attend to some very pressing matters at Cannes. It involves beaucoup des champagnes, beaucoup des robes couture et beaucoup des diamants! Leo, Brad and Angelina say “bonjour!”

Obviously, y’all know that I am full of crap. I took a bit of time away from my blog to seriously apply for jobs and to finish my novel. Queen Excel is hankerin’ to hang up her crown.

I apologize for leaving you without my scintillating opinions, but I’m back!
I’m also thinking of changing the name of my blog. My sister pointed out how is a metaphor for outing oneself. *smacks forehead*

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