Sunday, May 6, 2007

Prison's hot!

In the second entry of this blog, I made a promise to my readers. I will quote myself:

“I hate Paris Hilton, and unless she goes to jail, this is the one and only mention of her in my domain, my closet.”

It has actually come to that. On Friday, Hilton was sentenced to 45 days for driving on a suspended license in Feb. 2007, which violated her parole for a DUI in Sept. 2006 (see an Open Letter to Hollywood about my stance on DUIs).

I thought she’d be sent to prison after a horrible accident involving enough cocaine to drop Courtney Love, a totaled million-dollar sports car, and a poor dead paparazzo. Hilton, who’s big on everything shameless and shameful, has a horrible driving record, no regard for the people around her, and as leaked photos have proven, she LOVES her cocaine (as does LiLo, but that's another entry). I’m glad the judge made a pre-emptive strike and actually made held her accountable for her actions. Granted, I don’t think she will serve her entire sentence, and I won’t be shocked if she doesn’t serve a day. And I know this will actually give her something to talk about once she gets out. Hilton’s going to pimp the fuck out of her prison stay…she’ll sob to everyone with a boom and a camera; she’ll be on the ‘View’ (Sadly, Rosie won’t be there to verbally assault her) and throwing parties in every city. I can even see “Prison’s Hot” tee-shirts. It’ll be awful, and Hilton won’t learn a damn thing, but she’ll be shackin’ up with Big Gertrude for 45 days with no extensions, Sidekicks, personal assistants, piles of cash and LV handbags!


crunchybeans32 said...

i totally agree with you. I hate paris hilton just as much as you. Her stupid lemon sucking face and slutty lifestyle just makes me mad. And the fact that everyone seems to love her just disgusts me! O and I saw Spiderman 3 on opening night and it was definately one of the best movies of late. Check out my blog.

Té la mà Maria said...

irreverent, iconoclastic, liberty