Thursday, June 7, 2007

My generation sucks...

*cues bloodcurling scream*

I wish I could upload it. I have a bone-chilling one.

I’m livid. And yes, you know why. Fucking Paris Hilton was released early from jail. I saw in my cube today, continuing my reign as Queen Excel (I had an extra hard project and had to run lots of queries), and I tried to think of why I was so angry. Celebutauntes have been in and out of rehab, flashing their naughty bits, crashing into curbs, then running into rehab to escape the media blitz…I usually ignore it all (unless it’s the wise Ms. Lohan).

I realized that Paris enrages me because she is the ringleader of young women who are completely misrepresenting my generation. I’m 25. I’m a college graduate. I have a job. I have a car and a clean driving record *knocks on wood*. I have dreams of getting my novel published and even opening my own hotel and restaurant. I work hard for what I have. Most of us do.

Paris Hilton is 26, barely literate (yet she “wrote” a book) and her claim to fame is well being sniffing coke, crashes expensive cars and disrespecting her fans. I’m so fucking tired of the girls achieving such white-hot fame and just handed opportunities they don’t even appreciate because they are too-skinny, white, fame-hungry and promiscuous with mothers who are probably the same way. The celebrity scene has gone from being entertaining with Mariah and Whitney catfights and Vegas Weddings to DUIs for exposure and posing with knives and guns. I’m sick of actually working for something when some girls are given it everything.

Paris getting out of jail is no different. I was so happy when she was sentenced to 45 days in jail, not because I hate her and want her to suffer, but because I wanted her to actually be punished for her reckless, thoughtless and dangerous behavior. She released dozens of statements waxing righteously about how she wanted to be a lesson to others and how she wanted to be treated fairly because she broke the law numerous times. Her diluted mother mocked Paris’ sentence and whined that she was being treated harshly because she was a celebrity. But she served a measly 72 hours in prison and was released early because of some mysterious medical condition? It was nothing more than an overdue reality-check and maybe withdrawal. Her celebrity status got her unfairly released from prison 20 days early, huh Mama Hilton.

I’m sick of the Britneys (Britney, regardless of her subjective “talent” did spend years working at an insane pace) and Parises and Nicoles making our generation look we don’t care about anything but drinking and being too skinny and wearing thousand-dollar dresses. It’s an embarrassment to the American justice system when a girl with money can buy her way out of jail. Maybe when she kills someone, she’ll actually serve ALL of her sentence, but even that is doubtful.

(This will be my last post about Paris until she gets arrested again, so I'll be making a new one soon!)

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Princesse Charmante said...

This is really late but yeah...I was mad she got out.

At least they brought her ass back and now she found God! O_o