Tuesday, June 19, 2007

CGI High

Justin Timberlake has made a shit-ton of money. That’s a technical term, folks. Write it down.

Computers have revolutionized everything, especially music videos and movies. I mean, have you SEEN the “Transformers” trailer? HOT DAMN.

I have made these two whooping understatements because these two have gone hand in hand to create the most disappointing video for “LoveStoned”, the one of the best songs the multi-platinum artist has ever made. I was nervous when I saw pirated video of Timberlake groovin’ in front of a green screen. The song is a club song with a heart, K, the writer, expected a plot. K didn’t get it.

Timberlake has described the video as visual representation of music. The product of such a lofty goal is a glorified screensaver and looks a bit like my Windows Media Player Bars and Waves visualization. I’m a huge Justin fan. I’ve seen him perform in four states, but I can admit when he takes a risk that doesn’t quite pay off. And this video is a hot blue mess. I had to force myself to watch the entire thing.

Sadly the technology is his downfall. Without the garbled images of blue bars wafting into bluish faces, the video could have been an amazing study of Timberlake’s trademark moves—a type of video he has yet to make, a video I desperately want.

I can’t completely blame it all on Mr. JT. He managed to shoot it in between well, world domination, peddling “Shrek 3” with ex-Cameron Diaz, dating Jessica Biel and his European tour, so I give him a bit of slack. But only if he leaves the CGI to Spielberg.

(K finished her novel! The rejection letters should be coming any day now!)

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Princesse Charmante said...

Hate to say it but I agree. He could've asked me to come up with a treatment for it. Hell he could've even used concert footage. But he seems to be proud of it so...whatever.

At least he looks nice in the interlude part. And that part would probably get cut off everytime they show it on TV.