Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Conan O'Brien: The Comedic Supernova Takes Over "Tonight."

Last night, as the stars brightened the summer sky, a miracle occurred. It wasn’t Halley’s Comet or a rare meteor-shower. It was something far more entertaining and awe-inspiring. I, your lover of all things pop cult, full-on belly-laughed during “The Tonight Show…” now helmed by the brilliantly zany (and dare I say handsome and a little more buff) Conan O’Brien. And the most amazing thing is that it happened through-out the fantastically fun debut of “Tonight’s” new host and gorgeous new set. I had an assortment of laughs: a hearty chuckle in the beginning skit of the show as my beloved Conan, preparing for the debut of his show, forgot to move to Los Angeles and literally ran over the Brooklyn bridge, through Wrigley Field, past the St. Louis Arch, the Rocky Moutains, Las Vegas, Death Valley and crashed through the gates at the Universal lot. I giggled ‘til I nearly cried as Conan took over the tram tour at the movie lot, doing everything from critiquing the actor playing Norman Bates’ attire in a way that would make Tim Gunn smile to taking the tram out onto the streets of L.A. to buy the tourists gifts at the 99 Cent Store! I fell over, whooping, at Will Ferrell as he declared that his fellow Tony Award nominee, Liza Minelli, is a communist and a “red menance” and that Conan’s projected success on the show is a “crapshoot.”
If you're a fan, you already know that Conan didn't dumb-down or dilute his trademark screwball humor for the more mainstream timeslot. He is still the same, NBC-bashing, stupid, lunatic he was in New York at 12:35am, and that is a wholehearted compliment. There are certain stars that you want to shine brighter than the rest because of they are unique, intelligent and talented. And Conan O’Brien is definitely one that should supernova. I gladly admit I carried the transcript of his the speech he delivered at the Harvard Commencement in 2000 in my purse for years, because it was as inspiring as it was ridiculous. He is unabashedly self-deprecating and incredibly quick-witted, and most importantly, a hell-of-a lot funnier than Jay Leno (who is still airing before O'Brien in a bizarre programming move by NBC execs).Last night, Conan hit the ground running with his own brand of pompadour-flopping humor with guest Will Ferrill and music act, Pearl Jam. I can’t wait to see him sincerely flirt with Hollywood’s A-listers. Judging by the enthusiastic audience's cheers, screams and chants, and Conan's hilarious first show, it won’t take a miracle for Conan to thrive in his shiny new digs.
Bravo, Conan, bravo!

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