Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hi, My Name Is...Not Slim Shady.

*opens closet door; turns on light*

I was so excited to start this blog that I never took the time to introduce myself.

I’m K. Not the dude from “Men in Black,” but just K for now. I’d like to pretend I’m all exclusive and mysterious, because I assure you the mystery is more exciting than the answer. I promise. I, K, have wanted to start this blog for a long time and thought I’d take a minute to make a proper introduction. I’m an opinionated, stubborn female and I don’t really like it when people disagree with me. (I mean, really, I don’t…try it and see what happens.)

K could stand for kontradiction, because I’m a walking contradiction. I love pop culture, and I even have a shiny journalism degree of my very own currently collecting dust in my bedroom to prove it, but I sometimes hate the industry. I think I’m the only journalist that wants to crawl under the covers when tragedies like the Virginia Tech Massacre happen. My heart aches for everyone involved, but shoving cameras in people’s faces and asking them how they feel after witnessing a massacre seems exploitive and invasive to me. Consequently, my restless, hyper ass has been relegated to a *gulp* 9-to-5 job where I’m chained to a cubicle eight hours a day building at 3,000-cell spreadsheets. (Excuse me, I just vomited in my mouth.) I’m currently working on the Great American Chick Lit Novel, but until that sells and makes me a fat fortune, I’m Queen Excel.

I hate Britney Spears, yet I’m fascinated by the media hurricane she stirs up. There might be a few Britney-related rants, so I’m warning y’all now!

I hate Paris Hilton, and unless she goes to jail, this is the one and only mention of her in my domain, my closet.

To make a long list short, I’m not big on any celebrity that’s famous for being rich or because they have famous parents and/or no discernable talent.

I pretty much gobble up everything related to pop culture. I always have. And now, it is my savior during the workday.

So that’s me! More dish coming soon! Weee!

**turns off light*


Michael said...

You can be a journalist, and still not have to cover the hard-core news like shootings and such.

I've worked in dailies and a weekly, and now in PR/interactive stuff. Yeah, I got tired of the cynicism of the news business. But, what about feature stories? Or, working for a more community-minded weekly?

Regardless, good luck on that novel! (I think all journalists want to be authors -- but most don't have the attention span for it.)
-- Mike

K said...

Really? That sounds cool. I work in at a marketing company and they are transitioning me away from spreadsheets and more into the print aspect, which is great! I may have to look into real journalism work in the future. For now though, I have my blog. I can write about whatever my little heart desires. I'm very excited about it.

Thanks so much for the tip and the luck on the book. I'm really going to need it. I finished it, but I'm re-writing the ending (for the third time). It's so much more work than I thought it would be. It's been almost two years!