Saturday, January 26, 2008


A new genre of entertainment has emerged in this voyeuristic millennium, and it’s served up just the way we like our pop stars and twenty-something actresses, Trainwreck style.
Trainwreck television can only be defined as a type of television show—usually reality—that is ingeniously created to cause any and all types of mindless, pointless, silly drama and violence. Last night, I stumbled the archetype of Trainwreck Television: “The Bad Girls Club” (Season 2) on Oxygen. Oprah, how could you approve such debauchery?!

“Bad Girls” is basically a high-octane version of the first reality show, “The Real World”: all the drama without the staged apologies and forced understanding of controversial issues like race and sexual orientation. It features seven FEMALE strangers picked to live in a house-—probably based on their criminal record- and do well…nothing. There are no required “jobs” and they’re even supplied two dope rides and pimped out limo for VIP partyin’.

The formula is simple and surprisingly effective: Estrogen + Free Alcohol x 7 “Top Bitches” = Reality TV GOLD.

These women are self-proclaimed bitches, and they’ll willingly scream, spit, slap, and go to red-zone anger for without any provocation. And it’s bloody entertaining.

Why? I consider myself an intelligent civilized woman. I’ve never been in a fight or even been drunk enough to mistake a beautiful couch for a toilet, so it’s fascinating to watch women who disobey society’s and sanitation’s unspoken rules. Granted, I don’t think anyone should have to tell you not to urinate on the communal couch! “The Bad Girls Club” is a chance for all of us normal, law-abiding chicks to live vicariously through those loud-mouth-porn star-adulterous-alcoholic-bad girls!

Tanisha is a scary, plump Brooklyn native who looks more like a black Ursula out of the sea and raging in a house in LA. She’s a perpetually exploding bomb, banging pans together because the house is dirty; creating the catchphrase of 2008 “POP OFF!” during an argument; and threatening the former porn star with a package of hangers! I’m quite cynical of “reality” TV, and I think she was planted by the production crew to keep things dramatic. Mission accomplished. As terrible and sensational as the show is, I watch it every week!
*K Popping Off*

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